Special floor lamps that will leave a mark on your living room

“Best Of The Best Gold” by Janis Joplin? It became a Delightfull standing lamp: Janis floor lamp is a contemporary floor lamp which recovers the golden jazz spirit of 60’, covered by gold bath with an impressive design, it completes and transform every place. janis_contemporary_floor_lamp_magestic_modern_unique_01Contemporary design is a trully adventure in design. Enigmatic ideas flow from one of the design mind. This represent the imaginary lightning world, every piece can be surprising. kendo-floor-light-1

Brabbu with their Kendo represent the spirit of martial arts, with brass bars looking to bambo canes. Kendo floor lamp will set the perfect lighting rhythm, bringing to your living room a cozy and intimist atmosphere!lotus-floor-lamplotus-floor-lamp

Koket introduce us their Lotus lamp, a very special design piece. Covered by silver leaf with colored varnish, with a lampshade covered in a low sheen black silk with gold lining.This haute couture floor lamp creates a unique ambiance. Luxury craftsmanship is present in the meticulous hand carving and finishing of the base, these is so beautifull.fca51e8f1375a803b783c5955d4c8962

For special corners, a perfect ambiance is complete with a modern floor lamp. This one in polished brass spakling with the fire.2442fce9b18ca86c88aef530a4caae21

Sumptuous floor lamps are part of the furniture, they combine it, creating a whole scenario.Their scale is impressive and comand the decoration of the spaces.coltrane_unique_floor_standing_corner_hotel_lamp_03

Back to Delightfull, the Coltrane floor lamp with their 3 iron tubs creates special lightning atmospheres. Is a remarkable contemporary design product. Look at it, is so beautifull:

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