ONE OF OUR MOST POPULAR ARTICLES OF 2014: How To Decorate Your Living Room By House Beautiful – Interior Decoration

ONE OF OUR MOST POPULAR ARTICLES OF 2014: How To Decorate Your Living Room By House Beautiful

Written by Miguel de Andrade

Even in homes with the same floor plan, the living room is always left with the indelible imprint of the family that lives there. It’s a place with books, televisions, and deep, cozy sofas. It’s a room where you can spend a quick minute in the morning, or a whole day.

Everyone spends quite a lot of time in the living room. It doesn’t matter if it’s beautiful, gorgeous and a great piece of design: if it isn’t comfortable you won’t fully enjoy it.

Interior Decoration already show you how you can turn your bedroom  and now it’s time  to find some tips that will help you to turn your living room into a perfect place to relax.

Sofa –  the capital of relaxation

When it’s cold your sofa has always a best friend: a blanket. Find a space in your living room where you can keep some blankets at an easy reach.

Your sofa can always be more comfortable. Throw loads of comfy and colorful pillows on top.

Enjoy all of our suggestions, will give you ideas to change your living room !
















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