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The Best Yellow Living Room Ideas

Brighten a dull living room by working yellow into the palette. This warm, versatile color adds an instant ray of sunshine to any space and is easy to incorporate into your current color scheme. If you’re thinking of making a makeover in your living room but still need some living room inspiration, this article is for you.

From butter to lemon to dandelion yellow, browse through today’s gallery of yellow living rooms to see how lovely the color can be. Enjoy the beautiful selection of living rooms in yellow and be inspired by Interior Decoration!


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Beautiful, silken yellow drapes look amazing when coupled with gorgeous white walls, and the two do appear like a match made in heaven. It is hard to imagine any other bold shade that looks as lovely as yellow when coupled with white, especially when this sunny hue is showcased on curtains and shades.

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There are plenty of ways in which one can adopt a yellow color scheme in the living room without getting permanently stuck with it. One of the best ways is obviously to use a gray as backdrop and usher in yellow accents in the form of vases, chairs, throw pillows and even some fresh flowers to enliven the space. This approach is simple, cost-effective and always allows you to switch between color schemes with ease.

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Bringing home a yellow color palette does not necessarily mean committing to it in a more lasting fashion. But if you do like the look, an accent wall in mild yellow hues looks classy when coupled with lighter shades of gray, brown or white.

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Classy, modern and yet playful, this combination offers the ideal balance between the sophisticated and the snazzy!

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While shades like white, black and silver are regularly used along with gray, why not give your home a different hue this season with some bright yellows?

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