At home, we create our world and a living room is a place wich we share it with our friends.  We choose to decorate it with objects wich are what we are, the color of ambiance. The dimension of the space also interfere in what  we can live it.12 dream living room design ideas

A big living room like this one offer the possibility to have two big sofas around a beautifull centretable. You can use the walls like paintings.12 dream living rooms design ideas

A fireplace is an element that invite to create a special space near it. You have a floor lamp to create intimicy above an armchair, you seat, read a book, you want to be by yourself. On the other hand you have a big room where you socialize with the sound of the ceiling lamp by Delightfull.12 dream living rooms design ideas

The color of ambiance is the key to decorate it. The wood brown invite you to choose a warm colors, the white soft, the black table lamps, the bordeaux sofa creates a full scenario very cosy but at the same time very contemporary, with modern design pieces. Creates a luxury touch.12 dream lining room design ideas

The fashion designer Ralph Lauren, uses the fire as a magnetic element that every design piece around it is full of feeling of a home. It´s a warm space with vintage furniture, with a colorfull rug wich unify all objects.9 kkartigo

This Colette sofa by Koket is the centre of this living room. A contemporary design piece can be the power that everything around it depend on it.12 dream lining room design ideas

A space like that where the height is very high, an impressive ceiling lamp complete it. The wall like a painting falls down into a fireplace and the light from outside make everything happen.12 dream living room design ideas

Morpheus London Interior Design they made an option how to decorate it: just the essential because the modern furniture are allready very impressive. Every design piece is a beautifull form, color, dimension ´sculpture´.18artigo

For a living room, to watch movies, the dark ambiance is the most appropriate. We go inside the movie, the soft ambiance relax you , you will be concentrate on it12 dream living rooms design ideas

An interior can be a place that you travel to other time, to another history. Inside your home can be what you want. This beautifull space is sparkling, the gold elements spread all luxury details!


The lamps were, are allways a key element in decoration. If you choose an impressive ceiling lamp like this one by Delightfull, your living room is allmost decorated. The contemporary design is an emotional experience.That´s what we want to create in our homes, emotional spaces.



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