drift-in drift-out amanda levete´s contemporary design

DRIFT-IN DRIFT OUT  bench by Amanda Levete architect.

The curves, the sensual lines are the Architectural language for Amanda Levete architects. Since her partnership, during 20 years with Jan Kaplicky at Future Systems, the line curve was her handwriting. The high sensual curve provides movement in all direction, it can be seen through many points of view, and when line is wailking can touch everyone.

drift-in drift-out amanda levete´s contemporay design

This Drift-In Drift-Out concrete single bench for outdoor, it can be displayed in diferent positons and added to another one or more: we can design a bigger composition, added new curves and create the sensation that you can look in all directions.

Look in look Out is the movement of this design piece, this sculptural form, where we can live it, give to us an enriched sense of living: we admire it and we feel it. That form conduct our movements and consequently our thoughts. Amanda Levete architecure is a constant invitation to explore these feelings, curvaceous lines connect us to all thoughts.

drift-in drift-out amanda levete´s contemporary design

Throught Design the behaviour of materials can be tested, concrete provides that kind of ´plasticity`, where we got a uniform image.

The Timber Wave entrance V&A , Amanda Levete architects and Arup Engineers.

The curve line on a bigger scale can embrace all people in the same experience. This curvaceous  entrance during the London’s Design Festival is like a preparation for what we will see inside the Victoria&Albert Museum, a world of Art, dreamings, knowledge, a cultural living experinece. Is an antechamber to prepare your mind.

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