These are the rugs you’ve allways wanted

etna These Etna rug by Brabbu represents the strength of the nature, the movement of the eruption of the volcano is still alive, the lines are this life. The rug is made by hand-tufted tencel and there´s available in various colors and measure. It feets very well on a contemporary atmosphere, a real 20 th century design piece.artigo 6 20 mil swarovsky

This beautifull rug with 20 000 Swarovsky crystal is like a jewell, very delicated and we want to admire it, looking at, to contemplate! This one represents  the Haute Couture, is a piece of Art.

artigo 1Shining is a catchment point, if you want  to decorate your living room with light, reflections, the gold is the main color. Glamour and sophistication are the demands for that kind of contemporary luxury ambiances.

koketCowhide rug embossed with bovine leather cobra print border. Bovine leather, an extraordinary leather combines strength and suppleness providing a cozy and elegant look for the space. A sophisticated element that changes all the ambiance. Artfully crafted from fine leathers, this rug by KOKET  ´´black cobra´´ ´belong to the Exotic Opulence Collection, creates the warmth and softness that only genuine leather can give.Luxury-Rug-Glass-Wall-Modern-Table-and-Chairs-Beautiful-Hotel-Le-Seven-InteiorConnecting to the contemporary furniture, this rug is an essential element to decorate this space. It´s linked to every design piece, the colors, the textures everything creates a very beautifull contemporary atmosphere.  silk_rugs artigo 20

For vintage ambiances we choose a silk rug, this one are traditional for this kind of ambiances, with it´s pattern is a compliment to all decorative elements.turkish-rugartigo 12

Rugs of the worlds silk carpet and fine rug collection comprises of pieces from Persia, Turkey, China and the Kashmir. These are some of the most beautiful oriental carpets and rugs in the world which display the highest levels of skill and experience in rug .

pasha_rug_situartigo 21

The Pasha Wave rug has been made from a mixture of polyester and heatset polypropylene. This mixture makes for a luxuriously soft pile. Not only is the pile super soft but it’s also highly durable. The simple grey design is perfect for a focal point in a room.


Pasha shaggy rug wave, this one presents an image like a painting, rugs are also an expression of Art, a decorative element that can change all ambiance.



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