Celebrate design at isaloni 2017

Celebrate design at isaloni 2017 in milano, take a look and stay tuned.

We already told you about awesome things you can expect from isaloni, about brands that will be there… but now, it’s time to start telling you about things you can do and some places to visit in milan during isaloni.

Milan is already known as the italian stage for fashion and design events. But, if you’re staying there for a few days, there are a lot of places you should visit. There are a lot of secret corners where you can spend some time, to meet all the charm of this amazing city.


#1 museo delle culture

Celebrate design at isaloni 2017_1

This extremely modern building, with zinc and titanium cover walls, was designed by david chipperfield. Here, you can see exhibitions focused on ethnographic collections from every corner of the world.


#2 armani/silos museum


This amazing museum is a place of cult for the brand. You can testify 40 years of armani’s story in the world of fashion.


#3 galleria vittorio emanuele ii


Milan has the most sumptuous architectural monuments, and stands out for its renaissance culture heritage. That means one thing you can’t miss is one of the oldest enclosed shopping malls in the world.


#4 hotel magna pars suits

Celebrate design at isaloni 2017_4

If you’re going to stay in milan, you need to choose carefully where are you going to have some rest. We present you the hotel magna pars suits, because you can easily confuse this hotel with a design architecture studio. Can you think about any better place to start your design experience?


#5 pinacoteca di brera

Celebrate design at isaloni 2017_5

Thanks to napoleon, who confiscated all the pieces and transformed pinacoteca into this astonishing assortment of fine art collection, now you can find the best pieces of art from the 18th century.


#6 nonostante marras

Celebrate design at isaloni 2017_6

This sophisticated space, designed by antonio marras, is one of the most original fashion boutique in milan. It’s a showroom for his own collection of jewelry, books, stationery, books and tableware.


#7 la scala theatre

Celebrate design at isaloni 2017_7

Famous by its acoustics and neoclassical beauty, it’s one of the oldest ballet companies in the world.




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