Celebrate design at isaloni 2017!

Celebrate design at isaloni 2017 with glamour and luxurious furniture.

Every professional working in the interior design and architecture industry needs to know about isaloni 2017. A design event that allows ambassadors and creators to exchange ideas about technology, innovation and culture that later on give birth to extraordinary new ways of home living.

salone del mobile milano is an authentic forum and reference of italian furniture and international home furnishings, a place to meet the most relevant trends and find the works of over 1,300 international high-end furniture brands and emerging talents.

Celebrate design at isaloni 2017!1

Salone del mobile is the best source to meet the industry’s trends and innovations. One of the greatest trade events in the world and a networking hub with the biggest furniture designers. It is where you can find the best home furnishings and the history behind each one of them. This year’s edition will have the presence of brands such as  boca do lobobrabbukoketanesis and erik joergensen.

Emerging talents at salonesatelite

Celebrate design at isaloni 2017!2

This amazing event was the first to focus on young designers and architects. It was created in 1998 to give faith to professionals under 35, and brings together a selection of young designers from 5 continents together with entrepreneurs, architects, interior designers and the press. This year’s edition will be “design is…?

Best of contemporary design with delightful

Celebrate design at isaloni 2017!3


Celebrate design at isaloni 2017!4

Back for a second edition, space&interiors, an event officially connected with salone del mobile milano will put emphasis on architectural finishes.  Organized by migliore+servetto architects, the exhibition will showcase  interior surfaces, floors, doors and finishes at the mall – porta nuova, in milan’s brera design district.

Evolving workspaces at “a joyful sense at work”

Celebrate design at isaloni 2017!5

The project a joyful sense at work” will allow a new vision of office and work place design, setting priorities on the needs, emotions and experiences of the actual people. Within an approximately 1,600 m2 area, the exhibition will explore the  relationship between happiness, quality of life and the workplace design.

Celebrate design at isaloni 2017!6

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