Innovations in Exterior Design from Japan

Tokyo, capital of Japan and the city that never sleeps, never stops and always surprises. Also the first city in the world where the robot ceremony was held. In Japan we can observe stunning, luxurious hotels  – but now let’s think outside the box and get out on the streets.

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Interior Decoration is focused on Interiors but sometimes it is good to go out for a minute. The Spanish street artist, Pejac made some sort of a creative graffiti in the streets of Tokyo. Within his themes we can see the socio-political problems, and harsh messages to all the pedestrians and tourists of this beautiful city. In Chiba he painted in an unusual way the little boy watering the bonsai tree.  He said “Using an icon of Japanese culture that I have always felt interest in, as the bonsai, I have wanted to make a surrealistic work that plays with scale of different elements”

Interior Decoration-Innovations in Exterior Design from Japan-tree


In Shibuya on the other hand he scares with sharks. The artist commented this piece of art in a very special way, it shows the genocide of species of which the Japanese are mainly responsible. The fin of a shark is bitten by human and shows the hidden criticism of this act.

Interior Decoration-Innovations in Exterior Design from Japan-sharks

Interior Decoration-Innovations in Exterior Design from Japan-sharks (2)

Interior Decoration-Innovations in Exterior Design from Japan-exterior innovation

After visiting the streets of Japan, let’s go back inside and admire the work of a Japanese designer Kosho Ueshima of the Industrial Design Studio who created MISOKA, nanotech toothbrush that doesn’t need a toothpaste to clean your teeth.

Interior Decoration-Innovations in Exterior Design from Japan-nano toothbrush


He developed a toothbrush covered with nanosized mineral ions which move in the water. In the same time it is removing the stains to keep your teeth shiny and clean for the whole day. However this is not a new idea. The Japanese could already buy this innovation for quite some time, it was available on the markets since 2007, but in Europe it appeared at the Milan Design Week, marking its premiere. We guess it would be just perfect for a modern European or American bathroom.

Japan is a country that never fails to surprise the rest of the world with their ideas and innovations. We are all always waiting to see what they invented this time. What do you think about it?


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