Pierre–Yves Rochon Gave Us a Lesson on Hospitality at M&O 2020 – Interior Decoration

Pierre–Yves Rochon Gave Us a Lesson on Hospitality at M&O 2020

Pierre–Yves Rochon Gave Us a Lesson on Hospitality at M&O 2020 => One of the major highlights of this year’s Talks of Maison et Objet 2020 was the conference of the amazing and top designer Pierre–Yves Rochon, one of France’s most respected and powerful interior designers! This year, Rochon serves as a mentor of the Rising Talent program of Maison et Objet, that this year was dedicated to rising french designers! It was in this context that Rochon was invited to speak at this popular design event, where he talked about his career, but also his passion for design, creativity, and luxury!

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Pierre Yves Rochon Gave Us a Lesson on Hospitality at M&O 2020 1

Rochon and his eponymous firm are internationally known and recognized for their luxury hospitality environments. As a design principal, he establishes the design strategies and creative culture for all PYR studios. He actively directs the design work on each project, developing ideas and solutions through to their successful execution. His vast knowledge of European classicism, especially French style and culture, is at the core of each project’s design. He sets the firm’s high design standards, ensuring that projects exceed owner and operator expectations. Pierre Yves Rochon Gave Us a Lesson on Hospitality at M&O 2020 2

As he reflected during Maison et Objet, he approaches each project with an open mind, beginning with the client’s vision and business goals for their project. In all of his work, he strives to enhance every aspect of the guest experience while reflecting on each location’s culture, history, and geography. As we’ve mentioned, he is particularly known worldwide for his amazing work in the hospitality industry where he’s known to present amazing projects in Hotels all around the world! He talked about some of these iconic projects during Maison et Objet. He particularly highlighted the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills, the Four Seasons Firenze, and the Four Seasons George V. Pierre Yves Rochon Gave Us a Lesson on Hospitality at M&O 2020 3

He is particularly proud of the Hotel in Firenze, a classic modern project that took some time. All in all, Rochon took seven-year to restore a converted 15th-century palace and 16th-century convent and transform them into a glamorous hotel with 116 guestrooms and 4 restaurants.  He also loved to bring to life the amazing Four Seasons George V Hotel in Paris, where he completely redesigned a historical location following the classical Louis XVI style!

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He also highlighted his work at the L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, a grandiose boutique/ restaurant where he collaborated with French chef and restauranteur, Joel Robuchon. Even though it’s a different kind of hospitality project, Rochon enjoyed this project because it allowed him to experiment with a new wave of designs that could only work within a restaurant vibe! Pierre Yves Rochon Gave Us a Lesson on Hospitality at M&O 2020 5

At this Talk, Rochon also theorized about the difference between American and French hotels! He noted the differences between the two completely different styles that they follow, mentioning the fact that American Hotels are more standardized, and French Hotel follows a more unique and exquisite style. He gave the example of his project Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills located in Los Angeles to showcase the differences between the more commercial style of the Americans, and the more exquisite style of the French. Even though the  Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills is filled with amazing details and powerfull luxury elements, this project is clearly an Americanized version of Rochon’s projects! In this project, the spirit of Southern California meets Old Hollywood glamour at the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills, but we can clearly see that this project follows a more modern and clean vibe that contrasts with the more refined style of Rochon’s European’s hotels!

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*All images Credit: Pierre-Yves Rochon

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