10 walls that will change your life – Interior Decoration

10 walls that will change your life


A pattern is the main guideline for a decorative wall: that is the skin for an exclusive interior design. It gives character, ambiance and on this example this modern wallpaper with raised gives rythm and diferent expressions of shadows.


The wall become a complete sconce, it is made by light, waves and a translucent material. The expression of this pattern is very abstract,a very contemporary wallpaper.

papel de parede com cristal swarovski

Swarovsky is a real partner when we want to speek about luxury walls, luxury design pieces (the Eternity chandelier by Koket is also made by Swarovsky crystals). In this decoration of this wall the crystals Swarovsky are the one wich makes those so elegant, so unique and irreproducible. In this one you are in the ultimate wall decoration, luxuries walls for luxuries interiors.


Wallpaper is an extension of the decorative elements, is also a design piece. The floor lamp and the armchair in color gray are an inspiration for the wall: we choose the grey color with beautifull drawings full of curves The color of the lamp light more like gold, gives a sophisticated taste to this 20th century wallpaper.


For a completely different atmosphere, a young boy, full of adventures wich dreamings are travelling all around the world, we offer this world blue map as a wallpaper. It gives a feeling of lightness and youth.


Very clean space with so less elements, these three different white wallpapers gives a feeling of eternity, a very organized space, everything is on the right place. In the same one, because white is the connection between these walls, we have a variety of patterns and on an apparent homogeneity we have diversity.


For a taste more classical, gardens, music and conversations were allways an inspiration. These themes extends to the furniture fabric and creates a whole interior. These classical wallpapers are applied on country english interiors, is a tradtion!


On contemporary interior decoration, we aspire for something special and a right decision for a wallpaper is central. They are also like paintings, they have themes, they can be surprising!!


Throught this pattern, light plays a game, reflections are a second drawing. This sculpture wall is created just for only this space with it´s unique dimension.


As we refer wallpaper is something about Art, texture,colors, themes, unique pieces. A leaf that wil change your mind, your spirit and influences your humour; is a state of a soul.


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3 years ago

have a jewellery showrroom….renovation going on at Pondicherry


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