Feng- shui – Interior Decoration with a positive energy

Today the Interior Decoration wants to give you some tips how to furnish your house with the positive energy of the West – Feng- Shui. Feng means wind and Shui means water- those two elements in the Chinese culture connect with a good health. Nevertheless, the combination of those two words feng shui is giving us the Chinese art of organizing the interiors, who has more than 3 thousand years. The furniture and accessories should be matched so the energy could flow all around the house, providing good mood and prosperity to the house.

Interior Decoration-Feng- shui – Interior Decoration with a positive energy-bedroom


Does it seem to be a big challenge to furnish your apartment, according to Feng Shui rules? Wrong ! To give your room the expected harmony you only have to fallow 2 simple steps.

Interior Decoration-Feng- shui – Interior Decoration with a positive energy-modern furniture

1. Purification – get rid of all the old things that you don’t use ! The furniture that you don’t like, the home equipment that doesn’t work anymore. The disposal of those things will bring peace of mind to you and to all the family members.

2. Clean air and good lightning are very important for the energy to flow. That’s why you have to open the windows, let the air in. It is also prosperous to invest in plants. They clean the air as well as they clean the atmosphere in the house. Very important is also an access to the sun and using good quality lamps with a wide spectrum of light. From our experience one of the best lighting design and products can be found on DelightFULL


Interior Decoration-Feng- shui – Interior Decoration with a positive energy-feng shui bedroom

The main rule and the key word of this philosophy is a “Harmony”. If something looks unnatural it should be removed right away. There are some things that work perfectly if matched. For example the clocks – can be modern, have a classic form or with the pendulum. If they have some moving elements and give a nice sound, they are without a doubt a perfect match for your house.

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Interior Decoration-Feng- shui – Interior Decoration with a positive energy-clock

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Interior Decoration-Feng- shui – Interior Decoration with a positive energy-positive energy

The Introduction of Feng Shui will let you create beautiful, harmonic arrangements in all the rooms of your house. All you have to remember is that whatever you want to bring to your house, it has to go well with the other things. Remember that to make your Feng shui bedroom or feng shui living room you have to remove first all the reduntant things!



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